Planetside 2 OPS 24th November: Throwback

What is up GCG. Its been a long time coming since we have done anything organised on Planetside 2. As most of you know our last event with F.E.A.R didn’t go down too well so PLEASE make sure you have your game updated (or installed). We will be kicking things off at 6PM GMT +8 (WA time, The standard OPS time) playing on Connery VS. As usual the earlier you can get on the better.

For the new members that will be joining us, make sure you log into the game and get used to how everything works. If you need some help with this just shout out on Discord. Lots of our old players will be ready to help.

I would also like to extend this invite to any of the strays/people left over on Briggs. Its hard to find an organised event in PS2 these days so just so jump on our discord.

Game: Planetside 2
Server: Connery
Faction: Vanu
Time: 18:00 GMT+8


I hope to see you all there!