The moment is here!

With the recent release of Blizzard Entertainment’s newest IP in 15 years, Ghost Cap Gaming has really jumped in head first and have really made an impact on the Overwatch Community.

If you have not had the chance to play Overwatch yet we highly recommend you go, Let me start off my saying how much fun and mostly how insanely addictive this game can be. Blizzard have clearly mastered the ability to create a great storyline and make their players wanting more.

It manages to take elements from Team Fortress 2, Dirty Bomb and even a MOBA-isk character ability system, & somehow blend them all together in a great mix of action, strategy and skill.

GCG has already got accounts with levels over 50 and is well and truly on the path to becoming a group of regular players that are to be reckoned with if faced.Our plan/focus will be on organising 6 man teams focused on competitive gameplay and strategy.

Our friends over @ AG7 have already replied in interest to our plans of setting up  an organised battles better our respective clans & communities. I hope to see and play alongside you all soon.

We could always use more heroes.Join us on teamspeak at