Well guys, It has been a big month here at GCG, With the move from Teamspeak over to Discord. We do have some issues to address. First of all is the current servers. We will be shutting down our “Kittens” and “Ascendancy” servers later in the week. The games and services used on these servers is the GhostCap Gaming Teamspeak, Wolfenstien ET Legacy Server, No More Room In Hell, SvenCoop, Our map and file rep, As well as our game portal back end.


The decision has been made due to the lack of community involvement with these games and it is of no benefit to GCG to keep these servers running. The only servers that we will be running after this Sunday will be Freelancer, Minecraft and Music bots. If you have any ideas then please chat to us at www.discord.me/ghostcapgaming . Also if you have any ideas for Events or Games then let us know as I will be planning something very soon, Something that isnt Paladins haha.



Also a BIG shout out to DJLOVEGURU and Destrier for putting in hundreds of hours to our servers. Come and join the discord sometime!