FEAR Combat GCG Event

POSTED BY Pedrotski November 5, 2017 in GamingGreat Event, News,
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Coming up this Friday the 10th of November. GCG will be running a night of FEAR Combat (FREE). Pretty much its a TDM and its relativly low spec so everyone should be able to run it. We will also have some prizes to give away on the night for the most creative/funny kills. To get the game all you need to do it goto this link (http://fear-community.org/), Download and signup to get a free key.


The Australian server will be up later tonight (The only FEAR Combat server in Australia) for you all to practice on. We will be kicking things off around 6:30pm WST GMT+8 I will pump up some more news during the week. Hope to see @everyone there!

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