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    Minecraft Update, DNS Changes,...

    24 January 2017 , by administrator

    Greetings Ghosts, Just a short message today to let you all know that we have recently had to change our IP address for our minecraft server. You may have some issues trying to connect in the next 24 hours using the, If so, please check the minecraft channel for the latest IP address!

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    Free Paladins Mount For All Su...

    19 November 2016 , by administrator

    For all your Paladins players out there, Head over to for your free mount. Come and join us on game some time!

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    GCG flys into Freelancer ̵...

    12 September 2016 , by administrator

    As most of you know, Star Citizen is light years away. Ascendancy had started training in the year of 2014 to be battle ready by the time it had been released, HOWEVER, We all know its not coming any time soon. Some of the veteran members have been getting jumpy for a new/old game and this is why we will...

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